Here you can read a bit more about my last professional experience, as well as my volunteer work.



logo-testronicEuropean Spanish localisation tester at the London office.
Since July 2013, tester for Zynga games on Facebook, as well as Android and Apple devices, in order to improve the customers’ and players’ experience by providing a faithful and entertaining version of their favourite games in European Spanish.


Innova Magazine logoAs an intern in Innova TaxFree Group my work was focused mainly on the translation of the articles of Innova Magazine. Thus, I had the chance of working with articles about fashion, culture, travels and restaurants. My work is reflected on the English and French versions of Numbers X and Y of the magazine, which you can read here.

But I did not work only as a translator for the magazine. I also translated intern documentation and information documentation about their TaxFree service, as well as proof-reading them.

References of this employer available upon request.


I worked for this London-based company by doing the transcription of around 4 hours of interviews held in Mexican Spanish and translating them into English for a British TV show.



MiniMagazine logo

As a freelancer and a volunteer, I write now and then short articles for this on-line magazine. I focused mainly on graphic novels and music, two of my main passions.

You can read all my articles here (They are all in Spanish).


La Encuadre logo

I worked for this on-line magazine as a weekly web content creator until February, since when I am a writer for the monthly issues. As the whole staff, I do it for free and because I love what I write about: cinema, graphic novels, music, literature…

As a web content creator, I was charged of the content published on the weekends, and you can read all my articles here (They are all in Spanish). They tried to be focused on cultural subjects of interest and try to be about current issues, such as new releases, awards or anniversaries.

For the December issue they offered me the responsibility of writing for the monthly magazine. I wrote one of the sections, ‘Recomendamos 5…’ (‘We recommend 5…’), which this time was about five Spanish graphic novels. You can take a peek here.

You can read all of our issues starting in March for free.

References of this employer available upon request.


Global Voices en español logoThis web site tries to give a voice to all those communities and people who are not usually on the media, and less on the mainstream media. It is based on the work of volunteers, both for the creation of articles and stories as for the translation of these articles. It is a huge network of people from all around the world and we work with languages as ‘rare’ as Aymara.

I have started translating for them in September 2012 and have been translating since both from French and English into Spanish. You can read all my translations here.

My last project with them was the collaboration in the translation and adaptation of the Style Guide for Spanish writers from the English version.


Cineastas en acción logoI have been working for them translating content for their web site from Spanish into English since March 2012.

References of this employer available upon request.


I started working with them in September 2011 and have been working with them since. And I say ‘with’ and not ‘for’ as they provide such confidence and trust that they make you feel as one more of the team. So far, I have been involved in three projects with them, and I got a certificate of collaboration from each: I helped with the translation of the website, the film La semence dans tous ses états and content for The Black Jaguar Foundation films. I have worked both from English into Spanish and from French into Spanish.

References of this employer available upon request.


Since September 2012 I am an active member of The East Finchley Writers Group, though I have been writing fiction for some years. You can read some of them and keep updated about my readings on my literary blog.